Monday, February 07, 2011

Average Garbage Collection

The garbage collection situation at my work is an interesting on.  When I first started here 2 years ago, it seemed like people came fairly regularly to empty the trash cans in our office suite.  I definitely remember that every Friday afternoon someone would come and vacuum right outside my office and I'd have to close my door.  But somewhere along the way, things got weird. Sometimes we'd go days at a time without having anyone show up to empty the trash, and then randomly we'd get someone coming every day for a week.  Sometimes I joke that our trash collection is done on a Fibonacci scale (1 day,1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 5 days, 8 days, 13 days...)  We don't generate enough trash to merit daily pickup, but we definitely could use it more than every couple of weeks.  When things get really bad, we eventually call central dispatch and ask them to send someone.

Then this new year started and suddenly they were coming every day again.  Not sure what changed, but at you didn't have to worry about running out of space for trash.  Then just as suddenly, a week or two ago, they just stopped coming again.  And the trash is full.  Here's mine (complete with today's breakfast plate and a healthy supplied of used tissues):


The large can in the common area of the suite has had an old keyboard and a fluorescent light tube balanced on top for about a week now.

In the end we've decided that the janitorial staff must be contractually obligated to pick up our trash an average of once a week.  So they just decided to come 52 times in January and be done for the year. :)

Update: Someone must have called them down, because they are now in the process of gathering up all the garbage and piling it in the entry way to our suite.  I assume this is an intermediary step on the path to actually getting rid of the garbage, but if not, I think I liked things the way they were before better.


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Liz said...

Pretty funny. I loved the last picture.