Sunday, June 06, 2010

Way to go Ben!

This past Thursday I headed out to Granstville after work, because my younger brother Ben was graduating from high school. He's the last of us left at home, and he'll be coming to the U this fall, which breaks the three-way tie between Utah, USU, and BYU in terms of how many of the kids in our family went there.

The commencement was held in the high school gym because there was something like a 20% chance of rain. It was a gorgeous day outside. But whatever. It didn't get nearly as hot in the gym as I had feared it would. The seats were pretty hard, but that probably would have been the case outside, too.

At least one graduate arrived in a limousine, prompting our neighbor to say, "If high school graduate is the pinnacle achievement of your life then...well, I'm just not going to say anything more about that."

As far as graduation ceremonies go, it was fairly ho-hum. Some people gave speeches. Some were longer than others. Some invited their husbands to join them (??) and may or may not have gotten prematurely applauded off the stage. I mean I think she was wrapping things up, but it wasn't 100% clear. The "headliner" was my older brother's prom date who now works as a television news reporter. Eventually, Ben got to go up and get his diploma.

Ben's Graduation 003
Ben coming in. He wasn't all alone. It just looks that way.

Ben's Graduation 009
The fact that they didn't set up enough chairs for all the graduates made me a little nervous about the quality of education they're providing.

Ben's Graduation 010
Finally all seated.

Ben's Graduation 011
Just in case you want to sing along with me next time.

Ben's Graduation 013
Getting a little bored by the time the 3rd musical number rolled around.

Ben's Graduation 020
I want to hope that if we just could have heard better, I would have understood why her husband was up there, too, but somehow I'm not confident that would have helped.

Ben's Graduation 021
Mr. Green trying to keep the graduates from rioting during the 2nd hour of speeches.

Ben's Graduation 023
Waiting his turn

Ben's Graduation 025
The big moment

Ben's Graduation 026
He did it!

Ben's Graduation 035
Changing the Tassels

Ben's Graduation 036
Go Utes!

Ben's Graduation 038
They did it!


George said...

Congrats to Ben! and Congrats to Kim Houk! Go Aggies (and I think we get at least half a point for Kimi graduating at USU as well).

Natalie Marie said...

does that mean I get half a point for the Y too?

j said...

I was just giving 1 point per child. So I guess USU and BYU could get 1/2 a point each for Kimi. But if we're being more inclusive, maybe we should give the U 2 more points for mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad I wasn't able to attend the ceremony this year! I probably would have killed someone--has GHS gone down hill, YES!!
Lucky for us, it happened after we left:)