Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Big Digital acquires a new HQ

And by Big Digital, I mean the blog, not me. And by new HQ, I mean a new desktop PC to replace my current home machine.

After a long time of thinking about it and watching deals come and go, last night I finally decided to purchase a new computer. I've had my current desktop for just over 5 years and it's served me well, but I was starting to run low on hard drive space, and coveting the fancy new widescreen monitors that I was starting to see frequently. So I figured I might as well just spend a little extra and get a brand new machine. It's a Dell (XPS 7100), because I've had very few problems with the other Dells I've had (2 desktops and a laptop, oh and my work laptop), and I'm still not feeling like I want to be a Mac. Maybe if I wanted to edit graphics and pay twice as much. Oh, and because I wanted to be able to right-click things. :) However, even this new Dell will bring with it some new ground. It's coming with Windows 7. After a solid 10 years with XP, I'm not even sure how excited I am about a new OS. In all the news about it, I've yet to figure out why I needed to upgrade my OS. Guess we'll see. Hopefully the learning curve isn't too steep and it's not too hard to find compatible software.

In any case, I also thought it was interesting when I realized that I've had my old computer since right around the time I started this blog. Probably got it just before. Which means I've had that computer, and this blog, for quite a while.

Also, this morning, for a few minutes, I drove behind a car with New Mexico license plates, but which had an "801" sticker in the back window. I thought it was funny that someone who wasn't even from around here, wanted to represent for the 801. I tried to picture with my phone, but its zoom functionality is pretty limited.


CJ said...

Phone zoom issue = you need an iPhone 4.

Right-clicking on a Mac is just a matter of using a regular mouse, like I do.

Macbooks are cheap and small, and when factoring in ease of use and reliability, are cheaper, IMO.

And of course I realize there are some decent reasons to buy a PC, although I don't think cost/right-clicking/lack of graphics interest are among them. :)

j said...

Phone zoom issue = I don't care enough about what phone I have to get something with a nice camera. Also not interested in getting a smart phone (but that's a topic for another day).

I'm interested to hear what you feel are decent reasons to get a PC, as someone who has converted to Macs. I guess one that comes to mind right now is wondering whether or not I'd be able to remote in from my home computer to my work computer with a Mac (since my work computer is a Windows box), but I also have no idea if Windows 7 will remote into XP. I would assume it would, but it's not something I looked into.

Melissa and Tyler said...

FYI: I right click just fine with my fancy "no button" MAC mouse, it's just a matter of setting up preferences. We love our MAC, but our PC was good too! Glad you're happy :)