Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Jazz are making it happen!

...taking their chances as they come. The Jazz are making it happen! Working their way to number one!

Sometimes I feel like I have to have big news to be worth a blog post, but I guess maybe that's not the case. In any case, last night I went to the Jazz game against the Suns and had a lot of fun. My buddy Eric suggested a few weeks ago that we ought to go catch a game sometime, and as he is a traitorous Suns fan, he really wanted to go to this game. Turns out the Jazz had a "Family Night" special going on, where we were able to get 6 LOWER BOWL tickets for $180. That's $30 each for tickets with a face value of ~$95. Oh, and a free hot dog. Can't forget that. Though for some reason they made me hike upstairs to get my free hot dog. Apparently the classy lower bowl folks don't want us economically-minded folks getting in the way of their concession time.

Anyway, we rounded up 4 more friends (*No family required for "Family Night") and gathered from various parts of the valley to the EnergySolutions Arena. We enjoyed watching Steve Nash make pretty much every shot he took in warm-ups, but once the game started, it was all Jazz for the first few minutes. They jumped out to an early 12 point lead, only to squander it by the end of the quarter. The 2nd quarter was all Suns as they built up an 11 point lead on some scorching shooting by one Goran Dragic, who finished the half with 24 points. Every one of his 3-pointers had Eric giggling with glee. (Jerk!)

The 2nd half looked to be more of the same as the Suns extended their lead to 17 with just a few minutes left in the 3rd. The only other game I've attended this year was a loss to the T-wolves, one of the worst teams in the league. At this point I was wondering if my presence was bad luck for the Jazz and seriously questioning my plans to attend at least one more game this season.

Then the Jazz inexplicably went on a big run to close the quarter and cut the lead to just 5. Their momentum continued into the 4th quarter as they closed the gap and finally took the lead in the final minutes and then pulled away for a 9 point win.

Good times.

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