Monday, January 04, 2010

(Floating) Bullets on (Butterfly) Wings

I've had a lot of thoughts running through my head the last week or so and most of them aren't really congealing into anything that seems like it wants to be a cohesive idea that merits publishing.

A few of the (slightly) less ephemeral:
  • Saw "Savior of the World" on Friday night, and the main thought that came home with me was, "Wow, there are a lot of these "miraculous" things surrounding the birth and resurrection of the Savior that are outside the scope of what I would consider "normal" life. Mostly the whole angelic messengers part, but also resurrection itself. Stuff that the scientist in me has a hard time wrapping my mind around.

    But I guess its okay if I would be shocked to be visited by an angel. Most of the people in the stories are, too. In any case, it inspired me to read the scriptures and listen in my church meetings with new ears. And that's been a good thing so far.

  • Feeling a little bit unattached from things socially of late. I'm sure that part of it stems from having been out of town for most of the last 2 weeks, and another part stems from transitioning to a different ward after 5 and a half years. Don't know if I'm not trying as hard to reach out to my friends or if they aren't reaching out to me as much. Just had a lot of nights lately with nothing going on.

    Most all of my friends are in my "old" ward and I don't really know many people in my "new" ward, and have yet to do anything socially with any of the few people I do know there. Kind of uncertain about where things go from here in terms of trying to make new friends in the new ward but still hang on to the old friends. Also, losing one roommate and getting two new ones. All this coupled with the start of a new year has me feeling like I'm in between. Not sure what I'm in between, just that I am. In between.

  • This is the first year that I've started without being enrolled in school since the mission. So that's definitely a new thing. One of the (few) things I miss about school is that it always provided an easy set of things to work on/toward. Now that I'm just working, sometimes its hard to figure out what things I want to/should want to work toward.

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lovestrong said...

Yes. That last part is very familiar. I asked for something to work on, and lo, the new path opened up.

Love it.