Monday, November 02, 2009

Welcome November!

Today's Happy Monday News:

#1: Look at this next few days of weather (via ForecastFox in my browser):

Sunny forecast

You can't see the actual temperature predictions (Do you really need them?), but mousing over each day reveals a current temp of 49 (at 10:30 am) and predicted highs of 62, 65, and 65. After how cold it got last week, that's a nice prospect. Maybe Homey the Dog will get to go on a few more walks with me before I give it up due to my face freezing.

#2: It's quite possible that this weekend's TMBG show will be a special 20th Anniversary Flood tribute show where they'll play that album (the first CD I ever owned) in its entirety. Information on the venue's website would indicate so. Another website did not confirm this, so I won't get my hopes up all the way, but wouldn't that be an awesome surprise?

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