Friday, November 06, 2009

No Ifs, Ands, or Mights about it

TMBG November 2009 011

Just got home from the They Might Be Giants show. And. It. Was. Awesome. Ears still ringing. Voice still hoarse from singing along (and maybe a bit from lingering illness). Despite some difficulties surrounding who'd be using my 2nd ticket resulting from someone's illness, someone's under-21-ness, my own absent-mindedness and in the end going to the show by my lonesomeness. And yet, how can you feel alone when the CD you listened to hundreds of time during a formative time in your adolescence, Flood, gets played in its entirety as part of a 20th anniversary tribute show? With classics like "Bird House in your Soul", "Istanbul", and "Particle Man", and many other less known, but equally beloved, songs, Flood has always been my favorite TMBG album, so to hear them play it all was ridiculously cool. How often is that going to happen?

TMBG November 2009 006

As Flood only runs about 40 minutes, the Johns managed to throw in a variety of other songs, including some personal favorites like James K. Polk and New York City. They also came out for 2 encores, including a grand finale version of the "Fingertips" medley from the end of Apollo 18. Great show, guys.

TMBG November 2009 013

A few vids:


Particle Man!

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Jon said...

I can't believe they played the whole album! Now I wish I'd gone...