Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week o' Vacationing 2009: Day 3

Sunday morning, half of us headed to a nearby chapel for sacrament meeting at 9, and then back to the motel to pack up and make the journey back to Salt Lake. But not before stopping for lunch at a little placed called In-n-Out. If you've got to eat out on the Sabbath, might as well make it somewhere good, right? :)

In-n-Out Group Photo
Photo courtesy of Julie-Ann (who doesn't have her own blog that I'm aware of)

The trip back was fairly uneventful, and we got back in a reasonable amount of time. Ending vacation #1 of the week. Fun times, props to everyone who helped organize it (me, not being one of those).

But luckily, vacation #2 started that very same day. I unpacked my bag, then repacked it with stuff for 3 days of family vacation in Park City. Once I got word that the rest of the family was headed up there, I hopped in the car and cruised on up myself. The V6 in my new Altima definitely handles Parley's Canyon better than the old Sentra used to.

The place my parents had rented for our trip was a very nice place near the Utah Olympic Park, out by Kimball Junction. Lots of bedrooms and a nice big living room. Even a hot tub that I never actually saw in use during my time there (it might have gotten used without my being aware, or in the time they were still there after I left).

Probably the main highlight of this vacation was getting to spend time with my brother and his family who live in Texas that we don't see as often as we'd like. Their 3 kids get bigger all the time and were lots of fun to play with and get to know better.

Park City - Family Vacation 2009 001
Elise trying on my sunglasses

Park City - Family Vacation 2009 002
Ben & Lucy watching Prince of Egypt

Park City - Family Vacation 2009 003
Natalie feeding Austin

Park City - Family Vacation 2009 008
Me playing with the babies. Elise enjoyed putting my pen in my mouth.

Lucy, the oldest, is pretty sharp and at one point suggested we take "funny face" pictures with my camera, which resulted in the collage I posted earlier.

Park City - Family Vacation 2009 014

Sunday night, we had a nice dinner of barbecued chicken and corn on the cob, and then after the kiddies were in bed, the grown-ups played a fun game of Tripp family "What were you thinking?" It was lots of fun. Thanks, George and Kimi, for putting that together. Lots of great questions including "Name 4 of Dad's classic phrases". He wasn't even sure he had phrases he said a lot. I guess we showed him. :)


Matt and Marti Jo said...

It looks like you are having a fun summer Jake! We are going to Yellowstone in a few weeks and seeing your pictures made me realy excited! We need to get the old gang together soon.

Kimberli said...

The kids LOVE Uncle Jake!