Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts during my commute this morning

How is it that on perhaps the best non-freeway thoroughfare in the valley (700 East), there are three separate school zones? 3 times during my commute all the cars have to slow down from 45+ to 20-. Can't they make 7th East the boundary or something so that kids don't have to cross it to get to school?

Also, this morning while driving in one of these school zones, an ambulance showed up going the opposite direction. My question is: Does the ambulance have to slow down in the school zone? Which takes precendence?


Rob A. said...

I just asked a deputy about your ambulance situation in a school zone. She said that "school zones" trump any kind of chase or emergency response.
So the next time you see that ambulance running through the school zone ram your blue sentra into the them and make a citizen's arrest.

j said...

Thank you for your expert information! I didn't see today's ambulance speeding, but just seeing the two together made me wonder what the policy was there.

So if you're a hardened criminal fleeing the cops, you should try to hit as many school zones as possible, huh?

Shayla said...

wow. Deep thoughts from Jake. What will they think of next?