Monday, February 09, 2009

FSS: Two Dinners & a Movie Edition

This past weekend, I went out to eat both Friday and Saturday night with friends. Friday night I convinced a couple friends to go to Sizzler with me because I've just had a hankerin' for some steak and malibu and some cheese toast.

After dinner a larger group of friends went to see the movie Taken starring Liam Neeson. It may be the only movie I can remember seeing with absolutely no sub-plots. And it would have been a tiny bit more believeable if so many people hadn't shot at him with submachine guns at close range without killing him. My only other complaint is that the main girl who was in it also played Shannon on Lost, and I really couldn't stand her as Shannon, which made me still not like her here. I'll probably never be able to get past her as annoying Shannon. Seriously, what was Sayid thinking? I'm just glad that she didn't make it past the beginnings of Season 2. And even though we're now seeing all sorts of dead people, we've managed to avoid a return of Shannon.

And in case you were wondering, Saturday night I ate at Pei Wei.


Rachel said...

Ha! I couldn't agree more. I always wanted to hit Shannon in the face and was NOT sorry when she took a bullet in the gut. Whenever she and Sayid were together I was like, "Right, the Iraqi torturer and the Malibu bimbette--it's so obvious I can't believe I didn't see it coming." I was also annoyed that because Shannon had taken, like, one French class she could magically understand Rousseau's repeated radio message. I can promise you that the word for "to kill" isn't in any curriculum I've ever taught.

Taken was super frustrating for me. I've lived in Paris twice and nobody had to tell me not to talk to strangers or share taxis with them, let alone not to give them information about my living arrangements. I folded my arms and thought, "Stupid girls. You're just begging to get kidnapped." Which, of course, they did.

Shayla said...

note to self: don't see that movie.

Steve said...

Sounds like fun. I still need to see that one, and since I've never watched a whole episode of Lost, that probably won't be a problem for me.