Saturday, December 06, 2008

Trip to Boston - Day 1

Got up pretty early this morning and finished my final preparations. Julie and Megan came and picked me and drove me to the airport (talk about true friendship). Both my flights were less than full, which resulted in my not having to sit next to someone on either flight. Plus, on the the SLC->JFK leg, because it was an "international flight" the in-flight movies were free. So I watched "Get Smart" and "Hellboy 2", two movies that I didn't get around to seeing this summer. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Anyway, I arrived safely in Boston, managed to find a shuttle over to the "T" station, and make it to my intended final stop. After getting off the train, I was unsure of which direction I was facing, and I ended up walking a couple blocks in the wrong direction before figuring it out, and then coming over to my hotel, a Holiday Inn Express in Cambridge.

After unpacking, and watching the 4th quarter of Florida's win over Alabama, I headed out to find some dinner, ending up eventually at a Cheesecake Factory in a mall not too far from where I'm staying. Just a little weird eating there alone, but as a bonus, I didn't have to share any of the bread.

I took a few photos on the way home, but don't have them on the computer yet.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to find a singles ward near Harvard, and hoping to hit the Freedom Trail as well. Good night.

Update: Here are some photos from my night walking around east Cambridge.

Skyscraper Courthouse
This tall building dominated the skyline in the area I was staying. I was thinking maybe it was some tall, skyscraper prison, but it turned out to be just a courthouse. Of course, that could also mean there might be some prisoners up there.

Crooked Doors
The crookedness of this house intrigued me. I could never live in a house like that.

HOLIDAY inn express
I got a cozy room at this luxury hotel for a pretty good deal (~$80/night) thanks to My biggest fear using Hotwire (where you don't know which hotel you are booking until after you've booked it) was that I'd end up far from public transit lines, but it turned out to be only a few minutes walk from the nearest T station. Really no complaints about the hotel. Wireless internet worked just fine, free breakfast was satisfactory.


CJ said...

Well done, bud! The Freedom Trail will take you a few hours if you do all of it, but it's worth it. Starting from the north, I think you'll be mostly going downhill.

Also, pleeease get some local food in the next couple days. Cheescake Factory in Boston? Come on now.

Interested to hear how you like the city

j said...

Yeah...right now it's snowing lightly, but as long as it doesn't get any worse, I think I'm up for doing some walking this afternoon after church.

As for local food...any recommendations? I'm really not a fan of seafood (chowder, etc). Last night it was late and Cheesecake was within walking distance.

Rachie said...

Wow, you ate at the Cheesecake Factory by yourself? That takes guts that I do not, and probably will not ever, have. I'd feel awkward just sitting alone in a McDonald's. You are now my hero. Congrats. :)

PS Have fun in Boston!