Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today's Lesson: Don't forget to check the air in your spare tire as well

So, on my way to lunch I discovered that I had a flat tire. I pulled in to where I'd be eating and figured I better get my eating in while I was still outside the 3 hour window the drug testing place had given me to get my liquids in for the day, and then after eating I could deal with the flat tire.

I'm not sure I've ever had to change a flat on this car in the 5 years I've had it, but I did know that I had a full size spare just in case, because I hate having to rely on those tiny donut wheels. Also, I was able to make use of my trusty trunk blanket as a barrier between myself and the melting-snow-wet parking lot.

I didn't really have any problems getting the flat tire off and the spare back on (lots of practice as a home teacher, friends, etc.) only to discover upon lowering the car back down that my spare was also flat. :( At first I wondered if I was actually dumb enough to put the flat tire back on and put the spare back in the trunk but further inspection showed that this was indeed the spare (as seen by the lack of snow gunk on it), and it just happened to also be flat.

Luckily, despite my disdain for tiny donut tires, I did still happen to have one in my trunk -- yes, I do have two spare tires in my trunk at all times -- and I was able to begrudgingly take the spare off and replace it with this donut. I then took both flat tire to a tire place near my apartment and dropped them off for repair. I'm now home doing laundry (khaki pants and trunk blanket) and being glad that a) I had two spare tires, and b) my drug test isn't for another 90 minutes still, and my having a flat tire didn't result in my not showing up and possibly resulting in my being barred from employment.


Rachie said...

The last time I got a flat (about two years ago) I drove to the gas station across the street and called my dad to find out where the nearest tire place was (with the help of the trusty interwebs, of course). Then I filled up the tire and hauled ace about a mile down the street to Les Schwab, where they fixed my flat for free. Thanks, Les Schwab! [/plug]

lovestrong said...

Are you, by chance, an eagle scout?

j said...

I am, in fact, NOT an Eagle Scout. I made it as far as Star Scout before choosing to spend my time on other things.

lovestrong said...

excellent! I'm glad to hear it.