Friday, May 18, 2007

#1 Again!

If you aren't familiar with the Baby Name Wizard tool, then you definitely need to check it out. Assuming that most of you web-savvy folks out there are already familiar with it, you should know that the data for 2006 has now been released and incorporated into the tool, and also is available at this site, which also allows you to do some other interested queries like looking at name popularity by state.

Most importantly, it should be noted that Jacob has once again managed to maintain its top spot for an unprecendented 8th year running. (It actually may have precedent, Emily is the top girls name for the 11th year running.) What important to know is that since I was born, the name Jacob has increased in ranking each year with nary a dip in my 28 years of Jacob-ness. (Whats not important to know is that its actually increased in popularity each year since 1967.)

Also of note, the name George is pretty much in the midst of a continuing slide toward obscurity. Which is only important if, like my older brother, you got that name handed down as a family heirloom. George is still popular (#153 for boys in 2006) mind you, but you know it really could use a face-lift when it gets beat out by Jorge (#120 in 2006).


Chip Chief said...

do you have an announcement you would like to make?

j said...

What kind of announcement? Like that I'm having a baby or something? No.

Just that Jacob is continuing its reign as the #1 name for boys.