Monday, May 14, 2007

The Medium Digital

UPDATE: This morning I put my watch on and came to work. When I got here I looked down at my watch, and lo and behold, it had ceased to function. A mere 3 weeks or so after buying it, the display is blank, and no combination of button pressing has served to revive it back to life. Guess I'll be finding out about Wal-mart's watch return policy pretty soon.

The Medium Digital

Recently I suffered a blog-related tragedy. The Big Digital 3.0 suffered a crippling blow -- its band broke. Not just the little part that holds the two sides of the band together. That's always the first to go, and can be sufficiently replaced with a rubber band or a tape/plastic hybrid. No, this time, the actual band decided it couldn't take no more and tore all the way to one of the holes where the tongue of the band goes.

I've known for a while now that the time would come that I'd need to replace my watch, but I'd scoured the web looking for the correct model of Armitron, always unsuccessfully. I've found at least one on e-Bay, but it was being sold as part of a 17 watch bundle and it really wasn't worth the cost to buy (and ship) 17 watches. After having the band break this last time, I thought maybe I'd be able to be one of those of no-watch people who use their cellphones for time-telling purposes. I gave it a shot for a day or two and let me just say that they are not equally convenient. Digging into my pocket vs. looking at my arm -- no contest.

Having decided that I did not want to be watchless any longer, I made a stop by the nearby Wal-mart and browsed their selection of Armitrons. In the end, I settled on one with a reasonably big digital display (medium digital by comparison) and plunked down my $15.

This was about 2 weeks ago. So far its okay. You have to realize that The Big Digital was the only watch I wore (not counting the Fossil that I wear on more formal occasions) for nearly the last 7 years. I don't like the band as well as the other, and the numbers are not nearly as huge. It has a few more features that I'm sure I won't find a reason to use (2nd time zone?) and some icons on the face that I still haven't determined what they represent. The one thing I like that the Big Digital did not have is a little circle with the day of the month in it on the main face. No need to push a button to find out the date. Thats nice.

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