Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Random Thoughts on the English Language #11

So, inside of our bodies we have many organs, right? And if you had to say which one of them is most important to us living, you'd probably pick the heart or the brain, right? Any idea why neither one of those is called the 'liver'?


Chip Chief said...

turns out that the liver is pretty important too.

j said...

Yeah? I'm guessing we probably have a lot of important organs. The stomach comes to mind as one I like. But would you really pick the liver as the one that does the living?

Chip Chief said...

well, you could probably give someone an artificial stomach and they could get by, but not so much with an artificial liver. maybe your opinion would mean more to me if you had some sort of clinical expertise in medicine or even nursing and not just "info"matics