Thursday, January 04, 2007

A legal way to watch movies for free

For those of you who live in Utah, or perhaps in one of the other markets where RedBox can be found, listen up. RedBox, in case you aren't aware is a machine from which a person can rent DVDs at the cost of $1 a night, and you are charged an additional $1 for each night until you bring it back (up to a maximum of $25). Often they are found at McDonalds, but also they are showing up in Smith's grocery stores.

Anyhow, my point is that there's a site called where you can get promotional codes that allow you to get one free night rental of one DVD. You'll have to follow a link that says something about "Looking for RedBox codes?" or you can just click here to go straight to the codes.

The redbox machine has a button right on the front page that says "Rent with a Promo Code", so its not like you are hacking the machine or anything. I'm not sure where the codes come from, but two days ago I rented two DVDs for a night with two codes and didn't have to pay anything. Great for movies you kind of wanted to see, but don't really want to pay money to see.


Ashley said...

legal schmegal.

but really, thanks, because i got some codes one time and wondered where i could find more.

Chip Chief said...

can use each code once per credit card you use, but new codes are always showing up. i have used redbox to see zathura, dick and jane, 13 blocks, flightplan, and firewall. i think those all fall in the "worth watching IF free" category.