Friday, January 26, 2007

Albums That I Love #9: Sueños Liquidos

Sueños Liquidos

Sueños Liquidos by the Mexican rock group Maná is another of my favorite Spanish language albums. As a missionary, I'd heard a little bit about Mana and was familiar with one of their songs, but didn't really thing much about them. One of my roommates had some of their CDs and I asked to borrow this one from him, as I remembered hearing about it before. I soon found that it was a great rock album with upbeat songs and slow songs and while it does have a Latin feel to it, its certainly not mariachi music by any stretch. Much of the album has a consistent feel to it, and there aren't tons of songs that stand out to me, but I love the vibe of the entire album. I'll add some comments on the tracks that I think are the very best.

1. Hechicera
2. Un Lobo Por Tu Amor
3. Como Dueles En Los Labios
A slow song about how it hurts when one we love is gone.

4. Chaman
My favorite song on the album. It talks about journeying into the jungle and meeting a Shaman ("Chaman") who tells them that "Never stop is everything".

5. Tu Tienes Lo Que Quiero
A great latin soft rock song. Love the "ah-ah, hooh" and "Dale nina!" in between verses.

6. Clavado En Un Bar
7. Robame El Alma
8. En El Muelle De San Blas
A classic song about a woman who bids farewell to her husband who is going out to sea. When he never returns, she continues to go to the harbor everyday for years and years, until she is old.

9. La Sirena
10. Me Voy A Convertir En Un Ave
11. Como Te Extrano Corazon
12. Amame Hasta Que Me Muera

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