Monday, August 15, 2005

Fear of ... failed success?

As I contemplate the reasons that I don't date more than I do now, I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm not so much scared of rejection, although it does kind of suck when you are interested in someone and they give you the old shaft-eroo. No, I think its more that I am afraid of having to break up with someone. That they will like me but I won't like them back.

This fear probably stems from the series of painful breakups that I experienced with the one girl that I dated for month than a couple months.

So basically, I'm more afraid that people will will like me and I not like them back than the other way round.

Is that messed up or what?

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Adam said...

Messed up, no. Very few things suck more than dating a girl and finding out she's not up to my already low and constantly lowering standards. Then you have to somehow end it while preserving her feelings.

Luckily most women won't date me, so this kinda thing only comes up once or twice a year.