Thursday, May 16, 2013

March Madness! (Yes, I realize it's nearly June)

I realize I've been slacking here on the blog, but I have been posting stuff in other places (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram), so if you're missing me, those are good places to check. :)  In any case, I did finally decide that I should put some stuff here, if for no other reason than that it's a better permanent record than Facebook.

March Madness Day 1 098

Back in March, we went to see some first round NCAA Tournament games (aka March Madness).  By virtue of our being season ticket holders/Crimson Club members at the U, who was "hosting" the games, even though they were at the Energy Solutions Arena, we were able to buy tickets almost a year in advance.  There were 4 games on Thursday and 2 more on Saturday evening.

It worked out nicely that George happened to be in town that week, so he came Thursday, and we swapped out mom for Natalie halfway through the day.

Thursday we were able to see New Mexico get upset by Harvard, and then on Saturday, Wichita State (who eventually went to the Final Four) upset #1 seed Gonzaga (featuring John Stockton's son!).  Those were probably the two most exciting games we got to see.

Saturday night's games happened to coincide with the Grantsville Old Folks Sociable, so my parents and siblings chose to do that instead, and we found takers for the rest of our tickets.

March Madness Day 1 002
Opening tip

March Madness Day 1 012
Wichita played tough D against both Pitt and Gonzaga

March Madness Day 1 062
Don't know why their fans weren't more excited. Ok...this was actually during the following game. But still. If I were Carol I'd pretend I didn't know them. :)

Not to worry, though, their cowbell player brought enough excitement for everyone

March Madness Day 1 040
I took this photo between games to show that while there is, in fact, a drinking fountain, it is nowhere near the sign indicating a drinking fountain.  Poor signage, ESA! :)

March Madness Day 1 051
Gotta hike those shorts up a bit, Stockton

March Madness Day 1 056
The most famous haircut in Utah basketball history?

#16 seed Southern University gave Gonzaga a run for their money, and definitely came out on top of the weirdest-for-no-clear-reason mascot competition.

March Madness Day 1 137
This kid hit a bunch of huge 3s in Harvard's win over New Mexico

All in all, it was a fun experience. If I had it to do over again, I might considering selling one of the tickets on Thursday (1 ticket = 2 games), because 4 games in one day was a bit much.

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