Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some photos from the last few months

So apparently I'm in a blogging slump.  Was surprised to see how long it's been since I last posted anything.  Part of it is all the different places where stuff gets posted/shared (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc), and part of it has just been getting photos up to Flickr so I can share them here. 

So here's a quick recap of things that have happened in the last couple months that I also managed to get photos of:

I had a house-warming/Groundhog Day party, and it was nice to have people over to hang out with me in the new place.

Groundhog Day Housewarming 013
People in the basement

Groundhog Day Housewarming 014
People upstairs

Groundhog Day Housewarming 006
Shayla made these super cute Groundhog pudding cups

Groundhog Day Housewarming 015
Liz, Natalia, and Melissa brought angel food cake for recreating moments from the film

Also in February, I went to Hawaii and helped watch the kids with my mom while Kimi was here in Utah getting started on some house-shopping (yay!)


Mostly family time, but I did make it to the beach one afternoon

Playing Cut the Rope together
I was impressed at how well Austin and Elise played Cut the Rope together on mom's Kindle.  They take turns, but mostly Elise does everything even on Austin's turn. But thankfully, he's usually happy with that.

Elise showing off her climbing skills
Elise wanted to show me how high she could climb. And also make sure I could get her down once she was up there. 

Lucy & Grandma
Another "Hawaii" thing we (mom, Lucy, and I) did was go on a whale watching excursion.  Didn't really get much whale time, but it was fun to sail out on the ocean.

And we did get to see this whale of a centipede that Lucy happened to discover on her jacket before boarding the ship.

He was playing peek-a-boo with me
Cole really liked playing Peek-a-Boo

Also, he knows what bears sound like

And apropos of nothing, here's a picture I took out my bedroom window a few weeks ago when it was rainy in the morning.

Spring 2013 001

It was a nice sign that winter is on the way out and spring is on the way in. I was also impressed at how tight the depth of field got when I was zoomed way in on these buds.

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