Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phoenix in February is Fun: Day 2

Despite my rough draft being finished a week ago, last week was still full of revision writing for my paper, and no writing for my blog.  Hopefully this week I'll have a little more writing energy left, though I still probably need to read through my paper one last time before submitting it.

In any case, I definitely need to finish recapping my trip to Arizona before I've forgotten everything that I didn't actually take pictures of...

Saturday morning, Julie came and picked me up at her friend Steven's house, where I was staying for the weekend, and we headed to the store to buy stuff for breakfast burritos.  After breakfast, we brainstormed ideas of things to do, and eventually I suggested the Phoenix Zoo and she was kind enough to be excited to go. :)

On the whole, I thought the Phoenix Zoo was pretty good. Felt like they could have done a little better in the primate category (no gorillas or chimpanzees or gibbons as far as I could see).  They had a fun "monkeyland" place where you could go inside with little monkeys (but don't touch them!). They had a whole area dedicated to this one South American bear (they're rare, I guess?). There was a giant anteater that was really cool to look at, but kind of far away and hard to take good photos of. There was a nice big white rhino. And they had a really nice big open African area with giraffes, ostriches, watusi cattle, and other stuff all together.

A monster! Ok, just a Gila Monster. But kind of cool that it has "monster" in its name, right?

Maybe the elephant hears music that we just can't hear

Warty Pig
The warty pigs had fun haircuts

Bald Eagles
Felt like these bald eagles were appropriate to photograph as it was President's Day weekend.

Galapagos Tortoise
They had a couple Galapagos Tortoises. And this one was even doing something!

With the White Rhino
Me and the rhino (The Rhino and I?)

White Rhino
Just the rhino

Lions laying low in the afternoon

Oh the ostrich! So dainty!

From the African exhibit

After the zoo, we were pretty hungry (having had only our burritos to eat so far) and Julie took me to a place called Sauce where I got a pizza and she got some salad.  That night, we ended up playing games at a friend's place, and I had a surprisingly good time playing sedarahc (backwards charades), where the whole team acts out the clue at once while just one person guesses.

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Liz said...

I know I am slow to read this, but I enjoyed it, especially the dancing elephant and the noble eagle.