Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The weirdest part of moving rooms

Well there are actually a few weird things about having moved to a different room in the same house.

1) Its going to take a while before I don't instinctively head toward the upstairs when I get home.

2) I feel like I totally live somewhere else. Except I don't. Everything looks exactly the same. And yet, it's like I've never been there before.

3) Because the furniture in my new room is configured somewhat the same as it was in my old room, when I want to leave the room, my instinct is to head toward the closet door which is now in the same relative location that the bedroom door was in my old room. And in another apartment I lived in, with a similar layout, I had a bathroom door over there. But now it's the closet. Not the hallway. Not a bathroom. No matter how many times I start walking over there. But it still feels like there should be something over there besides a closet.


Julie said...

It's good to know that even a genius isn't immune from things like this.

Liz said...

I'm glad you are moving up in the world, or is it down?:)