Monday, March 07, 2011

Moving on down...

I spent a significant portion of this past weekend moving. Not houses, just rooms. One of our roommates got married Saturday and I had decided a couple months ago that when he moved out that I'd move downstairs to his room. I'd had the option of moving down to the basement just over a year ago when my roommate who also happens to own the house decided he wanted to rent that room out. It's a little bit bigger than the room I've been in, and I'd have my own bathroom, and in the summertime I could be nice and cool instead of having to run my fan all night to avoid waking up feeling like I'd run a marathon during the night. At the time, though, I didn't really want to go through the hassle of moving everything owned from the upstairs to the downstairs. Because really it's nearly as much work as actually moving, just without the driving part in the middle.

Apparently something changed in the last year to make me feel like going through the hassle. Probably it was the promise of cooler temperatures in the summer. And I guess, in the end, I really only moved the stuff in my room and bathroom. The stuff I have in storage stayed put, as did my non-bedroom furniture (couch, entertainment center, coffee table). Anyway, pretty much all my stuff is moved now and I only have a few piles of things that I still need to decide what to do with. Hopefully I'll deal with them sooner rather than later and they won't just become permanent fixtures in my room. At least one of the piles was already a pile in my room for the last year. I think maybe I need to get another bookshelf.


Larissa said...

I think that moving always gives you a great opportunity to dejunkify your life. When you stay put, you pull things out to sort through here and there, but it is never as effective as moving. That thing you've been holding on to forever "just in case" becomes something that you realize is not worth lugging around and off to DI it goes!

j said... because I just imagined that moving everything from one room to another wouldn't be too bad, I skipped that whole "get rid of everything" step that usually accompanies moving. At least for the most part. I did throw out a few things, and bought a little set of plastic drawers to house officey type things that didn't really have a proper place.

Still thinking one more small bookshelf/nightstand might be worth looking into.