Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old Book, New Book #22: Lost City of Z -> The Lost Symbol

Lost City of Z

Finished Lost City of Z on Labor Day weekend. Since then I've been looking for something I really want to read and checking out the first 3 volumes of graphic novels based on Stephen King's Dark Tower series, a series that I enjoyed quite a bit. And no, I don't count graphic novels as "books" for the purpose of these blog posts. :) Lost City of Z was a pretty good read, and definitely interesting to think about the fact that there are still parts of the world that aren't very well explored even in these modern times. Definitely made me glad that I didn't serve my mission in the northern part of South America (bugs!). In the end, I thought the book was only okay. Thought the author's journey to the Amazon might be a little more interesting than it turned out to be, and in the end was left with a lot of things to wonder about with regards to ancient civilizations in the Amazon basin. I mean, obviously if the author had answers to those things he would have provided them. Just felt like the book was kind of incomplete with only a tiny nod toward these topics at the very end. Anyway, it was interesting enough, but not fantastic. In my opinion.

Jumping back into some lighter fiction now. I just borrowed last year's Dan Brown novel, "The Lost Symbol" from my roommate and read the first 50 pages last night. Looks to be a quick read and I think it'll be fun to learn some more about the symbols in Washington, D.C., always one of my favorite places to visit. Obviously, I feel like you always have to take his stuff with a grain of salt, but he can definitely spin a good yarn. And I didn't realize the titles of these two books were so similar until just now. Apparently there are a lot of lost things out there.


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