Monday, May 17, 2010

**Relationship Advisory Warning**

Threat Level: Severe (Red)

So, back in 2006, nearly 4 years ago, after a fun talk with CJ, I came up with the humorous idea of a "Relationship Advisory System" modeled after the Dept. of Homeland Security's Homeland Security Advisory System aka the Terror Alert level system.

Who knew that it would take so long before the Relationship Advisory System finally went into the red? And yes, I know that had I been really keeping that advisory system up to date, there would have definitely been alerts issued at Yellow, Orange, and Red, but really I don't always feel like sharing everything related to my dating life on this blog. Especially since so many people that I know have mentioned to me that they read it. :) Not that I don't want to share. Just when things are in those undefined stages sometimes its hard to know what you even know.

Equally now, I still don't really plan on sharing too much of my dating life here on the blog, but I guess if you really want to know more, feel free to get in touch with me (if you have other means of getting in touch with me). I suspect that I will probably find things to share here and there going forward, but for now, I just figured I'd give my shadowy internet following a head-up. :) Suffice it to say that, so far, 2010 has been a great year.


Em said...

AWESOME! I think it's wise to keep the relationship stuff off the blog if you want privacy. But just know that this post makes me smile. :)

Claire said...

Congrats! Sounds like good news.

Kimberli said...

Whoa... what great news!!!

So, when do I get to meet this girl?

Kimberli said...

Sorry... one more comment... If you are looking to make a good impression, I think the first meeting should involve my children since you are so good with them. If you're past "good impressions," maybe we should go on a double date.

Steve said...