Friday, April 30, 2010

April? Meh

For some reason, when it comes down to the numbers associated with months, I always have the hardest time remembering which months go with 4 (April) and 5(May). I mean, if I think about it I can figure it out quick enough, but all the rest just seem to immediately snap to mind. But 4 and 5? Hmm...

I realized that today when I got an email talking about something happening on 5/26. Had to make sure that wasn't this week. And obviously it's the 30th today so it must be next month (May). But the fact that I don't automatically see 5 and think "May" puzzles me. Maybe it's because there aren't any major holidays associated with April and May? I don't know. 1 (January), 2 (February), and 3 (March) are easy because they are right at the start. 6 (June) and 7 (July) are right in the middle, and 10 (October), 11 (November), and 12 (December) are right at the end. My birthday is in 9 (September) so that probably helps me also remember 8 (August).

Anyway, how's that for a random thought to end April and start May? And in case you didn't already know it was snowing here last night and this morning. Meh.

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George said...

I suffer a little bit but on the other side of the divide and have trouble placing August with 8 for some reason (again no holidays in August). No problem with April and May though. Maybe my birthday in March helps.