Friday, October 02, 2009

What a Find!

coin purses

Ever since I saw an episode of the Simpsons in which Milhouse's manliness was brought into question of his use of a coin purse, I've been a tiny bit ashamed of my own coin purse. Not a fancy, frilly thing at all. mind you. Just one of those rubber oval things with the slit in the top that you squeeze to open.

But then I think, wait, if I didn't have a coin purse, where would I put all this change? Just in my pocket where it could jingle around and then fall out later? Then pile up all my change in a jar or box or bottle or something and then pay someone (a Mr. Coinstar, perhaps) to count it up and let me turn it back into "usable" money? Anyway, a few times in my adult life I've been coin purse-less and I just hate it. I can partly justify my coin purse by the fact that it saves me from having to use a Coinstar to get any value from my loose change. But I think more than that, really I just like to have a place to put things and to not have loose change jingling around in my pockets. I carry the same things in the same pockets every day so that it's easy for me to know if something is missing (nothing at all to do with OCD, I'm sure).

Anyway, these little rubber coin purses eventually wear out, and replacements are not always easy to find. Where would you look for them? In the coin purse aisle at your nearest department store? I've found them online, but you have to buy them in bulk or at ridiculous prices. The last time mine wore out, I went without for a while until I saw someone I knew using one. I asked her where she got it and she said someone gave it to her, but that (da-da-da-da!) she had a spare one I could have if I wanted. Did I want? Of course I did. And that's the one I have now.

All of this story is a lead up to the fact that this last week I was in Wal-mart doing a little shopping before some volunteer time at the Food Bank (another great activity for people like me who enjoy organizing things), and turned down an aisle in the pharmacy that said something about "Diabetic products", mostly out of curiosity to see what would fit in that category. Tucked in among tools for stimulating nerves in your feet and some sugar free treats, there was a box of things called "Convenience Caddies", which apparently is the trade name that someone decided to put on these handy rubber coin purses.

They were selling for 64 cents a piece, so, working under the assumption that, like the crazy castle in Krull they might move at sundown and reappear the next morning in a totally new and unknowable location, I grabbed 4 and threw them in my basket. They are now safely stored in my closet until such a time as they are needed. Just knowing that they are there helps me sleep a little more soundly at night, knowing that the next time my coin purse goes missing or needs to be replaced, I've got some back-ups waiting in the wings.

Does that make me weird?


lovestrong said...

uh huh. but it's a weird I understand. so I guess I am too.

Larissa said...

Darling Jake, you were already weird:-) I l-o-v-e this post. And I am most definitely going to make fun of you for this now. I made fun of Don for wearing his phone on his belt so often that he stopped. A coin purse isn't nearly as faux pas though. Gotta admit - haven't seen one in years. I do also have to admit that I stock-pile as well. Hershey's stopped making my favorite candy bar in 2006, but don't you worry...I just ate off my last one in May of 2008. Gross.

Anna said...

hahaha you have coin purses. ;)
be proud.
Im with larissa- loved this post.