Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Update, Pt. 2

Still working on that defense presentation. I've got a set of powerpoint slides put together and have been running through them, giving my presentation to the wall in front of me. I've been through the whole thing 3 full times now (at over 40 minutes per attempt), and tomorrow I'll be heading up to school to run through it at least 2 more times -- once in the conference room where my defense will be, and once more for a professor whose opinion I respect and who won't be able to attend my actual defense due to scheduling conflicts.

Suffice it to say that giving 40 minutes presentations to a wall is a daunting task and it's taking quite a bit out of me to give them. It's good practice, though. I've made several changes to my slides as a result, and have also realized that it's important to breathe sometimes, or else I get light-headed. The hard part is trying to fit 3 years of research into just 40 minutes.

Anyway, aside from defense prep, I got my permanent crown put in today and can only hope that things will be looking up from here dentally. Its been a rough 12 months for 3 of my teeth and I'm hoping that this finally gets the problem solved.

I'm also still looking for a career, hoping to hear back on the position I interviewed a couple weeks ago, but haven't really worried about pushing for an answer from them as I've had other things on my mind (see paragraphs 1 & 2).

And finally, I did manage to find 2 new roommates to take the place of the one who already moved out and the one who is going to move out. Big changes taking place here, but it doesn't really feel like it yet. Also the one who moved in today apparently doesn't have a checkbook (sounds a little fishy), and paid me in straight cash (homey) for the end of this month and next month's rent, so let's just say somewhere in my house right now there is a very large stack of bills that I plan to take to the bank tomorrow morning. So hopefully by the time you are reading this I've already deposited them. Either that or I'm pulling a Pac-man Jones and makin' it rain.


Rachel said...

Dude, I'm down with cash. Cash doesn't bounce! (unlike checks... One can never be too sure with roommates.)

Very clever to practice as much as you are--once you get in front of the live panel you won't even be nervous because you got all the nervousness out when the wall was watching you. ;) I have no doubt that you will be spectacular.

Natalie said...

my roommate doesn't have a checkbook either

George said...