Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Watch This Wednesday #26: Mississippi Mockery

In a second installment of obscure Daily Show clips that perhaps only I remember and find humorous, I today bring you something from 2001 when Stephen Colbert was still a correspondent for the Daily Show. I think my favorite part is when Colbert explains how the South won the Civil War. Then again maybe its the flag they propose for Mississippi to change to.

Oh, and P.S. 26 Weeks of Watch this Wednesday mean this has been going for more than half a year (remember I missed a week or two along the way). Does anyone care? Perhaps not.


Shawn and Lindsay said...

Does anyone care?
I live for Watch this Wednesdays!

Ok not exactly, but I know that its a regular feature.

You've been added as a BFF link on our website. Sorry Shawn has been dilinquent. You need to call him and make him have some guy time. Maybe y'all could go get a pedicure or something. He's also in to mtn biking lately.

j said...

Hey, somebody does care. :) Hopefully I didn't insult the south with this most recent video. And yes I should get in touch with Shawn. I think we're due for our annual Red & White scrimmage hang out. I'm sure I've seen him sometime since last spring, but I can't remember when that would have been.

Natalie said...

I wouldn't worry about insulting people, I totally insulted half of my BYU liberal friends with my last video blog

j said...

Well just because you insult your friends doesn't mean I want to insult mine. :)

And shouldn't that say "BYU liberal" friend. I'm sure that liberal has a totally different definition there than anywhere else.

Natalie said...

no no, I have roommates that wanted to go to the U, are excited that Hillary Clinton will one day rule the world, and are usually the instigators of debates that last forever concerning abortion, immigration, and universal health care. But you are right, I should have said liberal BYU friends, and dad says that you're a hypocrite to post this video that makes fun of the south because...well you're strongly tied to it ;)

Shawn and Lindsay said...

The South has received more than its share of insults. I doubt this video will put it over the edge.

Wait, let me watch it, and i'll let you know what i think.