Thursday, April 03, 2008

Trip to NYC: Day 6

I'm sure you've all been waiting for the exciting conclusion of my trip to NYC, which ended now two full weeks ago. Anyway, on our last day in New York, the overcast but not too cold or wet weather we'd been having finally turned into a decent rainstorm. We were glad that we'd been able to see as much as we had in the previous days without needing raincoats or umbrellas. And given that we'd seen about everything we really wanted to see, we didn't feel any obligation to dredge through the rain to go see something just to say we'd seen it.

Instead, Randall's wife Traci was gracious enough to drive us around Queens in the neighborhood they live in and check out a few of the more local sites. And our first stop was a little place called Whitecastle. Of course, we'd heard nothing but bad things, but because we don't have Whitecastle here in Utah, we figured it was at least worth going to experience for ourselves.

Jon & Jake White Castle

Being that it was still breakfast time when we got there, I got a little breakfast sandwich combo, and luckily, they were still making their classic tiny hamburgers ("sliders"), so I got just one of those to go with my breakfast. Actually there was a special offer, so I got a "Savory French Onion" slider for only 89 cents (Jon picked up the Bacon Cheeseburger variation). Anyway, it didn't taste horrible, but it wasn't that great, and had the distinction of being a burger that kept on giving throughout the rest of the morning.

Jake White Castle

After our trip to Whitecastle, Traci wanted to show us a place called the "Socrates Sculpture Park" over by the East River. We went over there and it was basically a big grassy area with a few weird pieces of sculpture scattered around. Kind of a creepy place. Glad I wasn't there at night. It did give me opportunity to take a couple photos of the Upper East Side shrouded in fog.

Foggy Upper East Side

Jon & Jake Socrates Sculpture Park

After our stop there, we took a cruise over to a target-shaped Target department store to wander around for a little while longer before it was time for us to head to the airport to catch our flight home. Traci kindly drove us out to JFK and after a fairly normal amount of time at the airport we brought our trip to end, flying back to Utah.

Good times.

More photos from Day 6.

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