Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trip to NYC: Day 3

Watch this Wednesday is still on hiatus, but will likely return next week. In its place, the Big Digital is proud to present Day 3 of my trip to NYC.

Day 3 was Sunday, and it turned out to be a nice day of rest and recharging of batteries. We got up and went to Randall and Traci's ward, and who would have guessed that I'd run into a fellow Grantsville High alum in Queens, New York. A girl who is the sister of someone who I was good friends with in high school lives in Queens and goes to that ward. Once again showing that there really aren't that many Mormons, if everywhere you go you find some that you already knew. Either that or we know each other real well.

Anyhow, after church we headed back to Randall & Traci's apartment and had a nice relaxing afternoon. We played Scene It! on the Xbox360, which I highly recommend. Probably the funnest variation of Scene It! that I've played to date. We also checked out a demo of Beautiful Katamari, which is definitely not your typical video game, but was fun to check out. Finally, Randall told me I needed to play Portal (part of Valve's Orange Box set of games), and it definitely was another fun and interesting game.

Along the way, I also found time for a nap. Traci was gracious enough to make us kabobs with pasta and peas for dinner. Sunday night, Jon and I ventured out on our first solo subway journey, heading over to the Upper West Side to visit a former mission companion of his that is graduating from Columbia in the next couple months. We had a good time visiting with him and his wife, and then we made our way back home.

All in all it was a nice relaxing day, and a good chance to get some energy back for what would prove to be an exciting last three days of the trip.

I also managed to take no pictures on Day 3.

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