Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Big Digital Spends Money on Someone Else's Wife

"Don't spend your money on someone else's wife" -- One of my old roommates

It was destined to happen someday. You date long enough and eventually its going to happen. What's bound to happen? Well back in January I took a girl out for lunch who ostensibly was not dating anyone. Her friend told me that two months prior she'd broken up with someone and that she wasn't now dating anyone. The fact she agreed to go out with me would imply the same. Lunch was fine and I considered asking her out again, although I wasn't super excited about it for some reason. She'd told me that she was going out to California the next weekend to visit a "friend". Shortly after her trip, pictures of her with a guy in California surfaced on Facebook. These pictures seemed to imply that they were more than just "friends" and I kind of lost interest in pursuing anything further there. Fast forward two months later and she's now engaged to that guy. I'm kind of glad I didn't ask her out a second time. :)

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