Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm checkin' in (checkin' checkin' in)

Okay, so I'm not checkin' in to a drug rehab clinic. Just checkin' in with you, loyal reader.

I had a fairly eventful weekend, including going to a rodeo and moshing at the Warped Tour in 100+ degree weather. I've got another week before I make my inaugural voyage across the sea to visit the continent from which continental breakfasts are to have originated from. And I also have an idea for what could be the most successful Big Digital weekly feature yet. Still trying to decide if I'll get the first out before the trip or if you'll have to wait until after, but either way, I think I'll enjoy it when it does show up (because after all if I don't enjoy it, why would you?).


NattyCAt said...

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j said...

No. Seriously, I'm not checking into drug rehab.