Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cable Jacked

Yesterday I feel like I totally earned some serious Man Points. I've been living in my current apartment for almost 4 months now and felt like I'd been there long enough to start rearranging some of the furniture to suit me better. Mainly, I wanted to get our TV into the living room instead of in the kitchen were there was barely enough seating to support the four of us who live here. So I spent an hour or two yesterday morning moving stuff around and finally got everything in place in a way that I thought was pretty decent.

Then I went to hook up the cable, and for some reason it wouldn't work. I had already been down to the basement and made sure that the cable marked "West Living Rm." was connected to the splitter that the "Cable" cable came into, but for some reason all I was getting was static. My roommate had said that he'd had some troubles getting the cable hooked up in his bedroom and that he thought some of the cables might be mislabeled, so I tried pretty much every other cable all with no results. Finally, and here's where I really felt manly, I decided it was going to take the cable jack off the wall in the living room and see if there was something wrong in there. And, in fact, there was. Turned out the cable jack wasn't actually connected to the cable inside the wall. A quick couple turns later and I was in business. To quote one of my favorite lines from Seinfeld, "I'm a man!"

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