Friday, March 09, 2007

Albums That I Love #14: Come On, Come On

Come On Come On

Come On, Come On by Mary Chapin Carpenter was released in 1992. It is an album that I first owned on cassette tape. I'm not even sure right now how I came to own it, whether I bought it for myself or someone gave it to me. But I am sure that its packed to the brim with great songs. Some slow and some really slow and some a little more upbeat. And while you will probably find it listed under Country music if you had to give it a genre, it really doesn't have a very country feel.

1. The Hard Way
Good things don't come easily. Don't be afraid to lay it on the line and give it your all. Everything we got, we got the hard way.

2. He Thinks He'll Keep Her
This song is pretty much a women's lib anthem about a woman tired of doing whatever her husband wants her to and finally leaving him. While I would not call myself a supporter of the classic women's lib movement, I think this song is really good.

3. Rhythm of the Blues
This is a slow, quiet song about having the blues. I like it.

4. I Feel Lucky
Just a fun song about feeling lucky and winning the lottery despite a horoscope that says "get back in bed."

5. The Bug
Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.

6. Not Too Much to Ask
A duet with Joe Diffie. This song is about wanting love and to be loved and wanting to be that special person for someone, after things have gone bad in a relationship. "Its too much to expect, but its not too much to ask."

7. Passionate Kisses
You've probably heard this one on the radio. Still a classic after all these years. Apparently its a cover of the original by Lucinda Williams, but since I've never heard her version, I'm going to go ahead and call this one the more famous, if not better version. Shouldn't we all have the good things we deserve and "passionate kisses from you" on top of that? I think so.

8. Only a Dream
Another quiet song. This one about bad dreams, and about sharing them with your sister. And when you are grown up and she's not in the room next door.

9. I Am a Town
Singing metaphorically (clearly) Mary Chapin Carpenter is a lot of things in this song, but mainly things related to small towns. Very nice piano and string music in this song.

10. Walking Through Fire
After two slower songs, this one picks up the pace in a song that starts slow, but picks up as the song moves along. Its about someone making it hard to love them, and having to walk "through fire" to reach them.

11. I Take My Chances
One of my most favorite songs on the album. A great song about taking risks in life. "Some people say that you should not tempt fate...I say fate should not tempt me." "I take my chances every chance I get."

12. Come On Come On
The album ends with the title track. Its another quiet love song. A fitting close to the album. This is a great album for chilling out and it ends on the perfect quiet, mellow note.


Geobadger said...

I think maybe I gave you the tape for Christmas one year. Not positive though.

lovestrong said...'s official. I now have a "I've never met you, and I know we're just blog friends but you just crossed the line into total crushdom" crush on you. I love this album. Soooooo much. And I'm impressed by anyone, especially a man, who gets it. Tres bien.