Thursday, October 12, 2006

39 Things About Me

1. I'm bad at starting new habits.
2. I find that I am fascinated by bizarre things like place value and number systems.
3. I am a staunch supporter of Utah athletics.
4. If I'm not careful I can spend a very long amount of time on the internet.
5. I'm think that generally I am a lazy person.
6. Because I am generally lazy, I have come to appreciate those things in my life that inspire me to not be lazy, like church, being in school, and girls.
7. Either I am great at being in Elder's Quorum Presidencies or I really need to learn something from being in them, since I've been in 4 different ones in the last 4 years, in 3 different wards.
8. I was born in New Orleans, but moved when I was 3, so I really feel no attachment even in the wake of Katrina. Other than wondering if I'll ever be able to see where I was born.
9. One summer I was in charge of feeding fruit flies and collecting their larvae.
10. My first job was at McDonalds. I worked there for 2 years, and was friends with people who I never would have met otherwise. This item deserves its own blog entry.
11. I once spent the morning in a mosh pit and the evening at a musical.
12. I consider myself a frozen pizza connoisseur.
13. I am never sure how many kids to say there are in my family. I have a brother that died, and I sometimes feel like its not right to not count him. But I don't really want to have that conversation with just anyone who asks how many people are in my family.
14. I cheer for the Minnesota Vikings football team, because at the time I decided to choose a team to root for I really liked purple.
15. From 1st grade to 4th grade I ate the same lunch every day. Peanut butter and honey sandwich with chocolate milk.
16. I enjoy being in plays, but really can't sing, so I always was relegated to bit parts in the musicals I was in, except when I was Tevye in 7th grade. I don't know whose great idea that was. Maybe because they needed someone tall. They make do with what they can find in middle school.
17. I currently own 3 iPods.
18. and 3 computers.
19. I won a state championship in football playing Left Tackle on the Offensive Line.
20. I own every DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince/Will Smith album.
21. My mom lied about my age to get me into a reading contest as a child, because I wasn't old enough. I won. I'm pretty sure I still have the plaque.
22. There were approximately 100 people in my graduating class.
23. I have strong libertarian leanings, except for the stuff about legalizing drugs. And I wonder if that means I shouldn't let the government pay for my schooling. Not sure where they stand on that one.
24. Growing up we had a baby-sitter who taught us how to play Dungeons & Dragons and even left us his 20-sided, 12-sided, 8-sided, and 4-sided dies. And also helped us learn words like charisma, hit points, and cleric.
25. I competed twice at the state geography bee, each time losing in the opening round.
26. I once grew a goatee long enough that I could put the end of it in my mouth.
27. I speak fluent Argentine.
28. I've never gotten a speeding ticket, although I have been pulled over a few times for speeding. I never try to talk my way out of it, I think I just get pulled over by cops who are bored, but then think better of ticketing me for going 10 over.
29. I drove a 1987 Toyota Minivan until I was nearly 24.
30. I get creeped out by most insects.
31. My iTunes music library is in pretty great shape. Being passionate about music and passionate about organizing/classifying things, iTunes is pretty much a perfect storm of things I'm passionate about.
32. I've never had stitches, unless you count the ones that I had when I got my wisdom teeth out that dissolve on their own.
33. I've never had a broken bone.
34. I did, however, dislocate my pinky finger once.
35. I once was a box of french fries for Halloween.
36. I've had 24 roommates in my time in Salt Lake, practically all older than myself, and as far as I know only 6 of them are married and only 2 of them have gotten engaged while living with me.
37. During my middle school years, a friend and I kept track of all the games in our basketball league and awarded post-season honors for MVP, first-, second-, and maybe even third-teams and Rookie of the Year. I can't remember if we had a Coach of the Year, but I'm pretty sure we didn't have a comeback player of the year or an all-defensive team.
38. Growing up there was a channel on our TV we called channel U. Only years later did I realize that this was the UHF setting for the top knob and the knob down below was set to channel 20, I think. We just assumed it was called Channel U.
39. The bedroom I grew up in now has a space heater in it, now that its the guest bedroom at my parents' house. Apparently its too cold in there. Maybe thats why I like to sleep with the window open in the winter. And why I start to sweat when the temperature hits 72.


Natalie said...

Any reason for 39? It's kind of a random number, but I commend you on the humour of this blog, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

lovestrong said...

1. Thank you for the update on your theat level. I was wondering what that was all about.

2. This entry is my favorite for some time. Funny and informative!