Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm not dead

in case you were wondering. I just haven't really had much to talk about. While I've been away, I had a birthday and been on a few dates, and watched a couple football games. I'm playing Fantasy Football this year for the first time ever, and have jumped in feet first with two different teams. Its nice that at least one of them is doing really well.

September is my favorite month, and as it winds to close I'm amazed at how fast time is starting to move. Every year seems to go by faster than the one before. I've got at least one more book to review, and then I'll probably need to find something better for my weekly feature. The book reviews just don't seem to get it done for me. I'm thinking perhaps something music-related.

And finally, I'm not quite ready to change the dating threat level, but there's a strong possibility that we could be at orange here before too long. CJ, do you have that widget ready, yet? ;)

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lovestrong said...

Yeah for J!!