Saturday, December 21, 2013

Utah Football 2013

Once again this year, my parents and I had season tickets to the University of Utah's football games.  Perhaps not the most successful season ever, but it's always fun to go enjoy some football.  Ben got a job working with the athletics department this year, so he was always there filming the games from the south endzone, and Natalie came to a few games this year, too, so there was a lot of good family time spent there.

With my new camera that I bought last winter, I was able to zoom in a lot more and get some better pictures this year, so I thought I'd share some here.

Utah vs Utah State 2013 003
Pinstripe look for the first game of the year

Utah vs Utah State 2013 008
Ben hard at work

Utah vs Utah State 2013 013
Grantsville High alumni Craig Harrison got in for the Aggies for a snap when Chuckie Keeton had to sit out a play

The start of another game

Travis Wilson had a few great games to start the season. Too bad about his health issues that may prevent him from playing ever again.

Freshman kicker Andy Phillips was a fun surprise

Wilson evading a tackler. Granted this was Weber St, but still.

As season ticket holders, we were invited to come take a self-guided tour of the new football facility that was completed this summer.  Pretty fancy digs. I think my favorite part was all the trophies from past bowl games and other championships.

Utah Football Facility Tour 001
Mom and I with the Fiesta Bowl trophy

 Utah Football Facility Tour 008
Some of the oldest trophies there

Utah Football Facility Tour 012
In the press conference room

Utah Football Facility Tour 015
Part of the Ute-themed weight room

Utah Football Facility Tour 032
Sugar Bowl trophy

More pictures from the tour here.

Back to the football games...

Utah vs. UCLA 017
Great catch by Sean Fitzgerald in the UCLA game

Utah vs. UCLA 034
Red White and Blackout

Utah vs. Stanford 011
Dres Anderson TD against Stanford

Utah vs. Stanford 014
Bubba Poole had a great game against the Cardinal

Utah vs. Stanford 046
Celebrating the upset over Stanford (eventual Pac-12 champions)

Utah vs Arizona St 005

Utah vs Arizona St 006
Before each game the players do what's called the Utah Mili

It looks like this:

Utah vs Arizona St 011
O-line sporting the "Salute to America" helmets from the Arizona St. game

Utah vs Arizona St 033
Trevor Reilly had a great season on defense

Utah vs Arizona St 036
Wilson running for a first down in what would end up being his last game of the year.

Utah vs Arizona St 043
I love when the band does stuff like this, wish they did more

Utah vs Arizona St 048
The Muss getting in on the Crazy Lady dance

Utah vs Arizona St 056
Mike Honeycutt flying in for a tackle

Utah vs Arizona St 064
The loss to Arizona St was a tough one, but the sky as we were leaving was beautiful

Utah vs. Colorado 060
Nice catch by Dres against Colorado

Utah vs. Colorado 082
Jacoby Hale forcing a fumble

Utah vs. Colorado 201
Adam Schulz gave a man's effort staying in the game despite some pretty ugly hits, thereby preserving redshirt years for our quarterbacks of the future

More pictures from this season here.

So we didn't win 'em all this year, or even most of 'em, or half of 'em. But it was still fun to go watch the games and to spend time with friends and family. I suspect we'll be back again next year. :) Go Utes!

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