Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Picking up Elder Tripp at the Airport

Sitting at the dealership, waiting for them to tell me that my battery needs to be replaced even though its good enough to start my car anytime except when I've been sitting in it (with it turned off) for at least 10 minutes.... Anyway, figured this was as good a time as any to do a little blogging. 

Ben got home from serving a 2 year mission to the Honolulu Hawaii mission in June, and we went and picked him up at the airport.  The highlights included the awkwardness of Natalie avoiding eye contact with the brother of one of the other missionaries who she'd gone out with once, as well as the fact that the missionaries stopped to chat with Thurl Bailey on their way down to where we were waiting. Guess they didn't miss us as much as we missed them. :)

Hanging up the sign on the garage

Hug for mom

Hug for dad

Hug for Natalie

Spence looking dubious/weird

Here's the video I took of his arrival:

Anyway, it's been good to have him home. He goes to school at the U and works with the athletics department, and I see him every couple weeks or so. He's currently living in Grantsville and commuting into town for school/work.

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