Monday, December 10, 2012

August of Awesomeness: Hawaii Day 6, Part 2

After we were finished up with the skydiving portion of our day, we still had plenty of time for doing stuff up around the north end of the island.

We made a quick stop at the Dole plantation, and stayed just long enough for anyone who wanted to get a Dole whip.

Hawaii - August 2012 211
Whip it good!

From there, we headed up around the North Shore and over to Fumi's shrimp truck near Kahuku for lunch.  A freak rain storm cruised through while we ate under the protection of the tarps, and was gone by the time we were finished eating.

Hawaii - August 2012 212
The shrimp banner seems to have been torn even more than last time I ate there.

Hawaii - August 2012 213
Evidence of the storm

Our evening plans included a luau dinner at the Polynesian Culture Center, (having done the full package I was fine to do all or none of the PCC and the luau was what everyone decided they wanted to do) so from there we went to Laie and checked out the temple for a bit, then drove out to the point, and then finally spent a few lazy hours at the beach just down the road, before finally heading to the PCC for dinner.

Hawaii - August 2012 216

Hawaii - August 2012 218
Laie Temple

Hawaii - August 2012 222
This statue of Lehi blessing his youngest son Joseph seems pretty unique

Hawaii - August 2012 223
Out on the point at Laie

 Hawaii - August 2012 228

Hawaii - August 2012 232
Kind of a scary spot for cliff jumping if you ask me

Hawaii - August 2012 234
Really liked this tree out there all alone

Hawaii - August 2012 236
Cool spot for a picture

 I didn't take any pictures at the PCC, but dinner was decent and a chance to try some poi and long rice for those who hadn't. After dinner we headed home. Brandon wasn't feeling too well, so we left him at the house and swung by Longs Drugs for some macadamia nuts and other Hawaii goodies to take home with us the next night.

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