Tuesday, July 31, 2012

30 Post Challenge #7

The list of blog ideas I found online, unfortunately has "Vacation Hiatus" for days 7-9, and as I'm really taking Vacation Hiatus whenever I feel like it (perhaps for half a year), I needed to find a few more ideas for 3 posts worth. And honestly it's taken me quite a while to find a few more prompts to throw into my own list of 30.  But I finally found a couple here that I liked, and I'm sticking those in where the Vacation Hiatus was on the original list I found.  I realize of course, I could just pick whatever I wanted to write about and make those the topic, but I find I enjoy the constraints of someone else's topic and forcing myself to think about something that maybe I wouldn't other wise.

Anyway, that's enough yammering for now. :)

#7: Your favorite store

The best writing prompts, or at least the ones that I enjoy the most, seem to be the ones where I don't really have an immediate answer off the top of my head. Like this one.  Especially in this age of online shopping, I probably buy more stuff from amazon.com than any actual store (except maybe Smiths where I buy my groceries).  But I don't really think of amazon.com as a "store". It's just a webpage.

Having taken some time to think about it, I think I will probably have to say that TJ-Maxx is my favorite store. (Runner-up: Barnes & Noble). It was interesting to realize how few stores I go to any more.  It wasn't really that long ago that I would stop into a MediaPlay and browse through the CDs, or go to the mall and try on a bunch of stuff trying to find things I liked.  And granted, I do make it to the mall a few times a year, but shopping just isn't something I do all that often.  And have you seen the people in the mall these days? What is happening to America? :)  

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, probably more of the clothes I own were purchased at TJ-Maxx than anywhere else. And its always kind of fun to just drop in when I'm in the neighborhood and see what they have. I guess that's half of the reason I keep going back: you never know what you'll find for sale there.  And the other half is that everything is pretty cheap. :)


Valery G. said...

Great comment about the people at the mall but I would have to add..."have you seen the clothes in the mall" - yikes! Happy TMAX shopping! P.S. black text on a blue background = difficult read. I needed a decoder.

j said...

Aah! Sorry about the text, it was all orange, and I tried to fix it, but forgot that by default it's white.

Liz said...

What is happening to America? I enjoyed reading this.