Monday, June 06, 2011

Y5K #8

Slightly shorter post this week, since last week's post came on Tuesday and included Monday.
  • Wednesday was a nice night for a jog, overcast but not too cool.  Tried out a new route from my house, that was mostly uphill on the way out and then downhill on the 2nd half.  Felt like I was struggling a bit, but I managed to stick to the 2 minutes walking/3 minutes jogging that I was supposed to do and ended up doing 2.98 (almost 3!) miles in 37 minutes, so I felt pretty good about myself afterward. Next up: a 1.5/3.5 walk/jog split. Man... seems like the key is just to not expect to ever stop running and get into a rhythm. Now if only I could explain that to my feet and legs. :)

  • And kind of happened and I didn't get a run in on Friday or Saturday. Between dinner at the Cheesecake Factory & X-Men First Class (it was great by the way) on Friday night, and then the temple, Les Mis, a BBQ, and swimming on Saturday, I really hardly had a moment to spare except around 11:30 on Friday night when I briefly considered going for a run, but then realized I needed to be up at 7 the next morning and it just didn't happen.  So, hopefully with a little more free time today I'll get out and run again tonight after work.
Oh, and the first 5K I signed up for is this Saturday, but I don't really plan on running the whole thing. Hoping to be able to keep it to just another training run with a mix of restful walking thrown in. Guess we'll see if I get swept up in the experience of actually running with other people. Hmm... stayed tuned for next week, I guess.

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I'll stay tuned.:)