Friday, January 14, 2011

The Big Digital and the Case of the Missing Gloves

Written while suffering through what I think is the third cold I've had this winter. My roommates need to stop getting sick...anyway

So I'm planning on going tubing up at Soldier Hollow tonight with my ward (and probably a bunch of other people) so yesterday before work and after work I spent probably close to an hour searching for my snow gloves. (I have some light, non-waterproof gloves that I keep handy for regular use, but they aren't so great for playing in the snow).  I knew I owned them, and I was pretty sure they'd made it to my new place when I moved almost 2 years ago, but I wasn't sure I'd used them since the move.  (Last time I used them was probably the last time I went tubing.)  Anyway, my first guess was that they'd be on the shelf in my closet. So I drug my chair over there and grabbed a flashlight and started digging through everything up there. No luck.

I did, however, find half a bag of new socks, which was perfect timing since just this week I was thinking I would need to buy some new socks to keep on a solid once-every-two-weeks laundry schedule.  Exercising 5 times in the last 2 weeks was apparently too much of a demand on my sock supply.  But not anymore. :)  In searching the rest of my room, I also found a pair that had fallen between my bed and my dresser at some point. Probably when I was folding laundry on my bed sometime.

After that, I journeyed down to the storage room in the basement to see if any of the boxes there seemed like places I might have packed my gloves. Hmm...not really.  I check the few that seemed at least plausible, but with no luck.  I was about ready to give up on remembering where I'd left them and wondering how much it would cost to buy new ones, or if I could find someone to loan me some.  My final thought was, "If I were Jake, where would I put my snow gloves?"  and I suddenly realized that I would probably keep them with the ski jacket that I only wear when I'm out playing in the snow. (My regular coat is pretty good usually, but not as great for actually being IN the snow.)  So I dug into the nether regions of my closet where the ski coat lives and lo and behold there were my gloves, clipped neatly to the zipper on the jacket.  So pretty much, if I would have just waited until tonight when I was gathering up my stuff, I totally would have found them before knowing I didn't know where they were. :)

It struck me as humorous that while my memory totally failed me, I was able to figure out where they probably were by just pretending I was me and asking where I would have put them. I'm glad that I'm still able to understand my own thought processes. :)

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