Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just living life

I haven't blogged much lately, I know. I've thought about it, but just really haven't had much to say, I guess. I'm happy that it's not raining so much any more, though the forecast calls for rain today and tomorrow. Last week I hit up the Strawberry Days rodeo, and then tried to go to a demolition derby in Tooele that was postponed due to all the rain.

Strawberry Days Rodeo

Aside from that I guess I'm just working and playing. After a couple month hiatus, I'm heading back into the dating scene with what feels like a pretty positive outlook. Not sure why, but I'm liking it for now.

Lots of vacation fun coming up in July (Seattle, St. George, Park City, Yellowstone), getting excited about that.

Also in the midst of a media overload.
  • Checking out a lot of new music. Enjoyed the new-ish Gym Class Heroes album, some live Ben Folds, and some old school Rakim. This week, checking out the new-ish T.I., some other stuff. The library I live closest to now has a much better selection than the old one I used to frequent.
  • Still slogging my way through Atlas Shrugged (the severe reduction in my solo trips to Gandolfos and Arbys has really cut down on the amount of time I spend reading), but picked up some "Classics" from Barnes & Noble yesterday (Buy 2 Get 1 Free right now) with some of the money on a gift card my parents gave me for graduation. Tale of Two Cities (because I wanted my own copy of one of my favorite books) and Vols. I & II of The Complete Sherlock Holmes (most of which I've probably already ready before). Might have to go back while the sale is on and pick up some more that I haven't already read -- something Dostoyevsky (Crime and Punishment? Brothers Karamazov?), Pride & Prejudice (Is it any good? or do girls just like it?), maybe Dante's Inferno? Pilgrim's Progress? Anyone got suggestions? Also snagged a Diabetic Cookbook off the bargain shelf. Considering attempting to cook real food for myself once a week or something like that.
  • Got 3 used Xbox games that were also buy 2 get 1 free (Ninja Gaiden II, Bioshock, and Mass Effect), so that should keep me busy through the end of 2010, right?
Anyway, that's kind of an update of what I've been up to.


Rachie said...

I finally read Pride and Prejudice a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it.

Then again, I am a girl. :)

YES! My word verification? punkin

George said...

Wyoming Jersey

George said...


j said...

@Geo: It was a gift from my Cheyenne friends years ago. I wear it when I feel like I need a western theme.

Anonymous said...

Brothers Karamazov over Crime and Punishment for sure.