Tuesday, September 02, 2008

FSS: September is Here

September is my favorite month for many reasons: Cooler, fall temperatures. Football season (Go Utes!). My birthday (Big 3-0 coming up!). Back when I had classes, September was a month when school was still exciting and not just full of homework.

This past weekend, I went to my little brother's football game (at least until it got seriously out of hand), watched Utah beat Michigan, hung out with my good friend Jon several times in preparation for his moving to Seattle this week, played a couple hours of indoor volleyball, played some Rock Band (got a flawless 100% playing lead guitar on "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" on Hard), bought a new pillow, and finally found some slides that I could live with to replace my old holey ones, and found a new counselor to replace the one who is getting married on the 13th.

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Suzie1 said...

I'm addicted to Rock Band. Ok, and Guitar Hero, too. Have you seen Guitar Hero IV that's coming out in November? It has drums that look way cooler than the Rock Band drums (high-hat and cymbals included). I'm pretty psyched for it. Congrats on the 100% rating!