Friday, September 02, 2005


As football season begins tonight, I thought I'd share my own personal fame with anyone out there who happens to read this. About a week ago, a friend of mine emailed me to inform me that he had seen my picture on the side of a campus shuttle up at the U in my jester hat that I wear to the footgall games.

I have yet to confirm this personally, but I did find a flyer advertising the MUSS (the student football fan club) with my face easily recognizable on it.

Since then I have had at least two other independent sources confirm that, yes, my picture was on the side of the campus shuttles.

Here are some pictures I scanned in of the flyer. First of the whole thing:

Muss Flyer

and second an up close view:

Muss Flyer Detail

Thats me in the jester hat, above the second 's' in MUSS. It almost seems as though they made sure to fit the text around me. Or maybe thats just my ego kicking in, either way, its kind of fun. :)

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